The Promise Tree Book

The Promise Tree is a metaphorical story about a real tree on the Hillcrest Children’s Home campus. Although the tree suffered trauma and was almost lost, competent care givers were able to save the tree. The story is figurative of the redeeming ministry we bring to hundreds of children and youth every year.

We pray that God will minister faith, hope and love to people who read it or hear it read.

Available for purchase here

We believe some will be born again as they encounter the story and invitation at the close. As a father, our Executive Director, Jay Mooney read a Christian children’s book to one of his daughters when she was just 5 years old. In that moment, she realized that Jesus wanted to be her personal Savior. She gave her heart to Jesus and was gloriously born again. Today, she is an ordained minister to the glory of God.

It is our prayer that as you read the book that God will show you someone(s) to whom it can be shared. Perhaps you have a child, grandchild or other relative that needs to hear this story pointing to God’s promising hope.

We invite you to tell others about the book and support this continuing mission.

Consider giving The Promise Tree to a…

  • Church children’s worker
  • Pre-school
  • Child for their birthday
  • Local Christian School library
  • Doctor or Dentist office
  • Library reading program
  • Pastor or Missionary
  • Local charity (Salvation Army, Dream Center, etc.)