CompaCare Compassion Care System Manual

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Highlands Connect Workbook

The Highlands Connect workbook is a beautiful, fun, and interactive place to take notes and make journal entries each week. The Highlands Connect workbook keeps you organized as you complete this course and makes creating your Life Plan (in weeks 8 & 9) simple.

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Highlands Connect Workbook Leader's Guide

The Highlands Connect Participant Workbook and the Highlands Connect Leader’s Guide are interactive tools designed to guide participants and leaders through the Highlands Connect single mom/single parenting course. The Participants Workbook, colorful and engaging journal, provides a place to record your thoughts, notes and journey, while the Leader’s Guide provides valuable tips for facilitating this course in a small group setting or one on one mentoring moments.

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The Promise Tree Book

The Promise Tree is a metaphorical story about a real tree on the Hillcrest Children’s Home campus. Although the tree suffered trauma and was almost lost, competent care givers were able to save the tree. The story is figurative of the redeeming ministry we bring to hundreds of children and youth every year.

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Downloadable Brochures

Downloadable brochures may be used for individual or group purposes. These resources provide additional information regarding each of the programs COMPACT offers. Consider making them available for church information booths, small groups, mission conventions, or for individuals considering foster care or adoption.