Hillcrest Children's Home

Hillcrest Children’s Home rests on a 52-acre campus with 8 cottages and a 24-apartment center for foster youth preparing for adult living.

Hillcrest programs include:

Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS)

Qualified Residential Treatment (QRTP)

Transitional Living (TLC)

The residential programs care for approximately 40-50 children and youth at a time. Abused, neglected and otherwise vulnerable children come to us for redeeming care from state, court, church and other referrals.

The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, audio-visual surveillance equipment in public areas to provide safer quality care. No matter the origin, we provide the professional Christian redemptive care they need and deserve.

Aside from living in a family-style cottage with living Houseparents, our campus also has multiple activities and amenities for residents to enjoy.

These include a stocked pond for fishing, paved roads for biking, grassy areas for soccer and other games, basketball hoops, an indoor swimming pool, a large gymnasium and more! Children and youth at Hillcrest are also able to participate in other extracurricular activities through school and church.

Development Disabilities Service

The program serves children and adolescents with developmental disabilities who have been removed from abusive and neglectful circumstances.

The Specialized Developmental Disability Emergency Program established on COMPACT’s Hillcrest Campus in Hot Springs, Arkansas opened October 1 st of 2020. This program serves children and adolescents with developmental disabilities.

These children and adolescents have any number of developmental and/or mental health conditions such as, Intellectual Developmental Disorders, Communication Disorders (Language and Speech Disorders), Autism Spectrum Disorders, Specific Learning Disorders, Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders, Motor Disorders (such as Tourette’s), and an array of other mental health conditions as a result of trauma and environmental factors they have experienced. Our program receives these children and adolescents as they are and then provides them with a sensory rich environment meant to captivate their minds and meet their sensory needs.

Gilliam Cottage

Our Developmental Disability Services Cottage is equipped with rooms designed to meet the myriad of needs the children and adolescents have. A crash and bump room allows them opportunity to play, exercise, and laugh which helps with self-regulation. A sensory room provides activities that satisfy needs involving vision, smell, sound and touch with a primary goal of encouraging motor skill development.

The calming room includes items to calm the senses, such as cozy chairs that hug and bubble tubes, mirrors, and sound projectors to create wonder and calm the mind. Bedrooms contain weighted stuffed animals, compression sheets, noise canceling headphones, Cozy Caves, and hanging hammock chairs designed to provide each child and adolescent with a sanctuary to which they can retreat, when they find themselves over stimulated or simply ready for a good night of rest.

This home is staffed with 24-hour awake staff trained to address specific needs and providing the nourishment and nurturance they need. Professional and clinical staff work to accurately assess the conditions of these children and adolescents and provide needed treatment to help them achieve the highest degree of independence possible.

3-year-old *Deanna sings Jesus Loves Me


Where do vulnerable children and youth from harder places and more severe maltreatment go for help and healing? COMPACT is a proven, nationally accredited Qualified Residential Treatment Provider. These precious but hurting children and youth are given a family-style, Christ-centered path to redemptive living. We believe that “there are no throw-away children in this world,” and our QRTP is helping heal deep hurts in some of the most precious, but maltreated, youth. The QRTP gives them the extra care they need.

Our QRTP is practiced in four family-style cottage homes with houseparents and surrounding clinical professionals. Together they work on behalf of a child’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual need to deliver a subsequent fitting family foster placement leading to permanency reunification or adoption.


Approximately 20,000-25,000 children will age out of foster care every year, with 20% of them instantly becoming homeless. Less than 4% of those who age out will earn a college degree. Nearly 70% of girls who age out become pregnant by the time they reach 21 years of age. 25% of those who age out will continue to suffer with PTSD. However, transitional living programs can be extremely helpful to launch emancipating foster youth to a better and brighter future!

Our Transitional Living Center (TLC) is a 24-apartment building on the Hillcrest campus that provides a beautiful furnished apartment in a Christian community. The program provides Hillcrest emancipating residents 18-21 years of age an excellent growth environment toward independence. These youths are ministered to and mentored by experienced staff as they endeavor trade school, college education or an apprenticing career.

The TLC program provides classes on independence, budgeting, job-seeking and more. They hold Bible studies, small groups and have multiple opportunities each week to fellowship as a community.

Hillcrest Sponsorship and Partnership

Our Hillcrest ministry cannot exist without our generous sponsors and partners. Sponsoring a child or cottage is one of the greatest ways an individual, church, or business can show love and care for the modern orphan in America.

Become a sponsor today by emailing spage@compactfamilyservices.org or calling our office 501-262-1660.

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